Feasibility Analysis

As developers you take great risks for great rewards. But risk-taking without proper and current site information gathered by an experienced land development specialist can be considered gambling. Therefore, a feasibility analysis of the property is extremely crucial beacuse it will serve as the foundation upon which your project will be built upon. Our feasibility analyses are built upon three primary parameters, which are to Identify, Evaluate and Propose.

When our clients ask "what can I do with it?" or "what is the lot yield for this parcel?" we understand that you are asking us to develop a concept plan that maximizes the use of the property while identifying site limitations. Therefore, the feasibility stage is the most crucial element of any land acquisition process that should be directed to:

  • the zoning districts in which your property is located
  • the bulk design parameters
  • potential environmental constraints on or near the property
  • any physical limitations of the properties
  • the availability and the proximity of utilities
  • the review agencies having jurisdiction over the proposed development
  • time constraints placed on the developer

  • the information identified
  • how constraints can be overcome
  • how limitations can be enhanced
  • the critical time path

  • a conceptual plan based on the evaluation performed

This three prong feasibility analysis performed by Avila Engineering allows the developer to make risk-taking steps and financial decisions more prudently.